Fisioplus Pilates collaborates with some of the best healthcare professionals in Barcelona to offer a multidimensional approach.

Physiotherapist: Lucy Hackney

Lucy qualified as a physiotherapist in 2000 from the University of East London in the UK. She worked for the National Health Service across various London hospitals until 2007 when she began working in the private sector. In 2012 she moved to Barcelona with her family.

Lucy specializes in working with pregnant and post partum women, in addition to a keen interest in sports injuries (specifically running & triathalon-related) where she combines personal experiences with professional expertise using a range of treatments including acupuncture, muscle activations, manual therapy and exercise. Lucy has recently been working to treat people with anxiety.

Massage therapist: Nunu Roney

Nunu Roney has been a professional massage therapist for almost twenty years and has had clinics in London, Madrid, Ibiza and now in Barcelona. She was trained in London in four different massage techniques. Her massages combine these to give a deep-tissue, aromatic oil massage with Japanese Acupressure points, stretches and rei-ki energy. Nunu is now also offering hot stone massage.

In 1996 Nunu started The Vital Touch on-site massage company in London, with massage partner Suzi Cinalli, which travels to offices, events, award ceremonies and film locations giving a chair massage. The Vital Touch has grown to have full-body massage clinics and on-site teams in both London and Barcelona.

Acupuncturist: Uby Muñoz

Uby is a British trained Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist with over twenty years of clinical experience specializing in natural fertility and women’s health.

Uby also uses acupuncture to help patients suffering from muscular and joint pains, migraines, problems with digestion and circulation systems, allergies and emotional imbalances as well as helping those who wish to maintain and promote health as a way of preventing illness. She employs a holistic approach that not only treats illness, but also helps women make choices in their lives to prevent disease.

Uby founded the Barcelona Well Woman Centre in 2009

Naturopath & Nutritionist: Dörte Froreich

Dorte is a naturopath and orthomolecular nutritionist specializing in diet therapy. She is German and has lived in Spain for more than 20 years wither husband and four children. She speaks Spanish, German and English.

Dorte is brilliant at helping you with supplement and dietary support to help you help yourself. Find out more: