Training testimonials from our high level post-graduate Physiotherapy and Pilates training exclusively to qualified Physiotherapists, Pilates Instructors and other movement professionals in centres around Europe.

Testimonials from clients

“Zoe’s courses are clear, well-organised and effective. There is ample opportunity to practice on other participants and the handouts are useful and well-referenced. They provided ideas that I could use in clinic the next day but also opened up intriguing avenues for future study.

Osteopaths are very good at using hands-on techniques to diagnose dysfunction, reduce pain and promote healthy recovery in the short and medium term. We are probably less good at dealing with faulty movement patterns and hypermobility, and selecting exercises to correct these problems in the long term. Zoe’s courses were perfect to fill that gap in my skill set. But I was also very impressed with her ability to achieve clear changes in a patient’s function and pain levels over the course of a single session, just through the use of guided movements and pilates exercises.

Great stuff, and I look forward to the next course”.

Daniel Thomas, Osteopath, Jersey, UK

“The course was well structured and the content very interesting and clearly presented. It gave me lots of new ideas and techniques which I found easy to apply after the course. It helped me to have a deeper understanding of the therapeutic aspect of Pilates exercises and in particular how to evaluate patients.”

Josie, Jerez de la Fronterea (Spain)

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“The FisioPlus Pilates course fills in the gaps between straight Pilates teaching and musculo-skeletal physiotherapy treatments. Modules 1 and 2 teach a way of successfully using the adapted pilates exercises to assess muscle imbalance and core stability problems at the root of musculo-skeletal conditions. The assessment indicates the pathway to treating conditions using the exercises.

The course is well constructed and varied in its content and it is suitable for physios who want to start to use pilates or for those who already have a working knowledge of the exercises. The large proportion of practical work underpins the theory sessions and the ‘live case studies’ put the learning in to practice.

Having done other pilates-for-physios courses I assumed that this would simply be a revision course, however, FisioPlus Pilates has hugely increased the usefulness of pilates within my practise as I can now use the exercises for assessment, treatment and a personalised self help home programme for the patient.

Our small group has had two very informative weekends with Zoe which have been really stimulating and fun. I don’t give up my weekends easily but will do so happily for module three.”

Judy Dickson, Jersey (Channel Islands)

“I recommend Fisioplus Pilates to all Physiotherapists and Osteopaths who would like to study in depth and improve their evaluation skills of the vertebral column, and the upper and lower limb. Fisioplus Pilates offers a series of evidence based procedures which lead us in a clear and specific way towards a differential diagnosis. The results of these tests (previously not taught during our degree) allow us to personalize Pilates exercises appropriate to specific pathologies.”

Cris, Granada (Spain)

“As a PT I’m always looking out for new ways to keep my clients interested and fit. This course was perfect. Zoe taught with patience and so clearly. I swear I haven’t learnt so much in years.

Applying what I’ve learnt has been quite easy and my clients are very happy with the results they are already starting to see. Definitely a worthwhile course for injury rehab and core functionality.

I think it was great having the 2 modules together. It just helped it all to gel. I think if I’d had time in between I wouldn’t have been able to put it into practice as well. Thanks again Zoe!”

Tania, Jersey (Channel Islands)

“As a therapist from the US I needed continuing education while living in Spain. Zoe’s course was above and beyond what I expected. Not only did she offer professional advice and treatment regarding clients/patients, she also assessed me and provided personal information which I continue to utilize. I would highly recommend the introductory course to any therapist looking to improve their knowledge of Pilates, and how to apply the principles to their clients/patients.”

Eileen, Barcelona (Spain)

“My physiotherapist introduced me to Pilates a few years ago as part of my rehab for a back injury. I became a fan immediately and have been looking for a suitable course to do to complement my work as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist. I felt that the exercises on most traditional courses were too advanced for most of my clients and not suitable for exercise rehab.

Zoe’s Fisioplus Pilates course was everything that I was looking for – taking Pilates right back to the fundamentals and learning how to use assessments to prescribe suitable Pilates exercises. The course was really well presented and most importantly for me there was plenty of time to practice the assessments and exercises on each other and our very brave live case study.

I would highly recommend this course to all personal trainers who have an interest in exercise rehab.”

Nathalie, Jersey (Channel Islands)

“For me, the course was very useful to complement the manual treatment of the patient. Until now, I feel that the patient formed a quite passive part of the treatment, lacking active involvement in the recovery process. With Fisioplus Pilates, I am now able to use the objective tests to evaluate what exercises my patient should perform at home, to contribute and collaborate in his/her recovery. Also afterwards, we can re-assess to see if the exercises given have lead to an improvement. When it is possible to prove the improvement using the tests, patient motivation and compliance is hugely increased”

Cris, Almuñecar (Spain)

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