Over the past twenty years Fisioplus Pilates has been successfully assessing and treating patients for almost every pain and sports injury conceivable. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our patients have to say below.

Testimonials from clients

“I met Zoe when I was living in Barcelona and saw her both as a physiotherapist and for pilates training on many occasions. She is highly qualified, lovely to talk to, always gets great results and above all, really knows her stuff. I have recommended many other people to her, including those who, like myself, had
quite serious problems with their back. She’s a natural healer as well as being great company.”

Sarah Barclay, Medical Journalist and Media Trainer

“I started working with Zoe when I suffered some lingering pain on my right knee. After some rigorous assessment and working sessions, we have solved those and some other small pains that have emerged on my back and right hip.

We are not given an instruction manual with our bodies but Zoe helps to identify and troubleshoot for the problem areas and teaches me things I can do to prevent them from coming back. I still need to see Zoe now and again to reset when things build up but overall I feel more in control of my body and how to keep it pain free.”

Bibi Choa

“I have been a client of Zoe’s on and off for about 10 years. She has helped me with many different back, neck and shoulder problems that have baffled other therapists in the past. Zoe is professional, has so much knowledge of the human body and a very caring approach. I have sent many friends and colleagues her way that also report fabulous results.


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“Zoe worked with me on some chronic neck and back issues that I have. I found her technical knowledge and skill excellent. Her manner during therapy is always nurturing and even fun.”

Alethea Young, American School of Barcelona

“I highly recommend Zoe as an extremely experienced and qualified physiotherapist. I have seen her on several occasions for back problems and she has been very effective using a wide range of techniques which left me feeling like a new woman each time.

If only I followed the Pilates exercises she gives me I might not have to ever go back!”

Djanira Cortesão, Teacher

“As a keen outdoor sportsman I put all sorts of strains and stresses on my back. Zoe not only treats the problem but also provides useful exercises to try to help me prevent the pain from returning. I highly recommend Zoe for treating sports injuries and back issues in particular!

Alun Evans, Climber

“When I le Zoe’s practise I felt like I had a new back! It was soooo light and relaxed! It is amazing how she can SEE the imbalances and weaknesses, and the different methods she applies to relax and balance the back.

I was impressed by all the knowledge she has and explanations she gave, it opened a whole new view of physiotherapy and health for me. And I like her concept of teaching you exercises to train the weak areas yourself, so you can become “independent” of her and any kind of therapy and improve your general state of

I felt very comfortable and could easily trust her throughout the process. Thanks, Zoe!”

Katharina Seidler, Resource Yourself!

“I have practiced Yoga for many years and after participating as a model on the Fisioplus Pilates Module 2, I got a whole new perspective on my practice. Zoe and the participants assessed and analized my posture and gave me tips and excercises to help balancing and strengthen my weak points. I now know how to adjust my movement to my bodys needs and I really notice a big difference in my practice – I suddenly feel more aware of my body and movement and know how to make the most out of each asana. Thanks to Fisioplus, my Yoga practice has become more efficient!”

Cristina, Student

“I went to see Zoe originally as she been recommended to me by half of the Barcelona ex pat community! I have had many injuries as a squash player. Consistently she has put the different problems right and I highly recommend anyone who needs good physio treatment!”

Nick Staunton, squash player

Call us today to book an appointment on 687 033 017 or email Zoe at zoe@fisiopluspilates.com