At Fisioplus Pilates we have years of experience in successfully providing physiotherapy to give you fast relief, lasting recovery, & freedom to return to the pain-free lifestyle you love.

We treat people with all different types of conditions ranging from serious injuries to troublesome aches and pains. We tailor our treatments to the individual: there is no set formula.

Our service goes beyond assessment, diagnosis and treatment. We aim to educate and equip you to self manage and prevent the condition or injury from recurring. At Fisioplus we use a wide range of techniques including Osteopathy, Muscle Activations, Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Acupuncture and we are specialists in the clinical application of Pilates.


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Fisioplus Techniques

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. An extensive interview and biomechanical assessment precedes all Fisioplus treatments. This will involve muscle testing and movement analysis. Following on from this a course of treatment will be agreed upon. Nearly all Fisioplus sessions will involve manual therapy techniques including joint mobilisations, massage and other manipulative techniques as indicated.

Acupuncture. Treatment with needles may be proposed as an adjunct to treatment. Needles can work really well to release muscle spasm and reduce inflammation and pain.


Less is known about these very powerful techniques and very few people are trained in them so read on to understand more. Zoe has been a “Be-Activated” muscle activation practitioner since 2010 and learnt from its founder Douglas Heel. She has more recently become a certified Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) practitioner.

“Be – Activated” and Neurokinetic Therapy are manual therapy techniques which really have to be tried to be believed and understood. They are commonly used as “performance” Physiotherapy techniques as incredible results and personal bests are often documented and seen after a session.

However, at Fisioplus Pilates we like to offer this feeling to everyone! Just as athletes can run faster, jump higher, climb better, non-athletes will feel taller, breathe better have greatly improved movement, and find simple daily challenges MUCH easier.

Better movement patterns nearly always lead to an immediate reduction in pain, as poor movement and posturing is very often the cause of symptoms in the first place.

These techniques help with everyday stresses too. Many people nowadays live in a state of “stress” where an accumulation of tiny things like too many emails coming in, having to stay late at work, having to get the last train etc can build up to seem unsurmountable. This feeling happens when our nervous system response is altered.

Be Activated and NKT can be used to help reverse this state and regulate our nervous system responses. Often patients leave, even if they didn’t know they were in a stressed state, saying that they feel like a weight has literally been taken off their shoulders. That is a really nice feeling, as is moving brilliantly and easily without pain, but don’t take my word for it, book up a session and try it!

Conditions treated:

· Back pain
· Neck pain
· Sports injuries
· Repetitive Strain/overuse injuries
· Postural problems

and much more!! If you are not sure please get in touch to find out if we can help YOU.