Practicing Pilates regularly will help improve posture in the long term, achieve longer, leaner more elegant muscles, greatly reduce the risk of injury and improve sporting performance.

Clinical Pilates is a system of exercises specifically designed to target the core stability muscles. These muscles are particularly important for the strength and stability of the back. In the majority of cases, following back pain or other injuries, these muscles become inhibited. Should these muscles not be re-trained, extensive research has shown the incidence of back pain recurring is as great as 80%.


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Having used Pilates as part of treatment programs for many years, and indeed for her own personal rehabilitation following a very severe back injury, Zoe truly believes that retraining core muscles and posture is an essential part of achieving a successful outcome in the long term.

Absolutely anyone can do Pilates with Zoe. It doesn’t matter about size, shape, previous levels of fitness or injury. Pre- and post-natal ladies also find Pilates very helpful. As with all treatment techniques a thorough assessment is carried out ensuring that Pilates is tailor-made for the individual.