Host a course. Fisioplus Pilates can come to you!

Hosting a course from your clinic, hospital, Pilates center or gym is a great way to train with Fisioplus Pilates without the hassle of having to travel to inconvenient course venues.
Save time and money by contacting us and arranging for your course to be held locally. Course organisers can charge what they see fit for the course enabling them to either offer the course to their staff at a significantly reduced rate or even make a handsome profit!

We are always on the lookout for new venues and collaborations so feel free to just get in touch and have a chat

How to host a course

What we need from our course organisers

  • A venue with enough space to fit a maximum of 15 participants comfortably
  • At least one treatment table. Ideally one between three participants. Mats are needed too, but participants can bring their own.
  • A projector and compatible laptop
  • Local promotion of the event so that we have some eager participants
  • Presenter fees, transport costs from Barcelona and expenses for accommodation, food and drinks.

All good so far, what’s the next step?

  • Contact us to organise a date and have a chat about which course(s) you would like to offer. Fees vary slightly from course to course.
  • You will be asked to pay a small retainer deposit to secure the date once all conditions have been agreed upon.
  • Then, get the word out there and make it happen. Fisioplus Pilates will of course help with promotion via relevant social media and publish the dates, location and contact details of the organiser on the course calendar