Neck pain and scapula instability are nearly always related. Interesting case study this week: client comes in with xray of neck which shows some shortening / tilt to one side and narrowing of space in the lower cervical region (very common). Testing using NKT showed that one side scalene was overworking for the same side serratus anterior and opposite side scalene.

Knowing this, we can put some corrective strategies in place. Have a look at the video on my instagram post  and you will see how the right serratus gets tired quite quickly and more so in a particular hand position (more on that coming up in future posts). A stretch or release of the overworking muscle and corrective strengthening of the weaker muscles will help.

I cover these topics in more depth in the Fisioplus Pilates ARM ANALYST series of workshops, looking at everything from the shoulder to the hand grip.

First up, the Scary Scapular

For more information about the workshop series check out the introductory video:

Another upper body case study is that of the arm wrestler with a spiral humeral fracture.

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