Virtual Fisioplus Pilates Education Series

For Body Workers and Movement Professionals

An online series of seminars for MOVEMENT PROFESSIONALS AND BODY WORKERS taking you through important biomechanical considerations that will help you help your clients. Several include live case studies.

For each seminar you will receive the 2 hour video and the Powerpoint presentation. You will also be eligible to join the private Facebook group. Here participants interact and share cases, questions and see updates. You will also be able to access some free movement classes that compliment the series. As soon as you purchase one seminar, you can access the group.

Please see below for our special offers and receive a discount when purchasing 3 seminars, or the entire 2020 set of 11 seminars!

where do I start

Where do I Start?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you have a client in front of you with lots of past medical history and they are expecting YOU to help them?

This practical workshop will review key pointers to help you help your client from the first session.

120mins. 35 euro

fascia flex

Fascia Flex

Join us this month for a fun, interactive workshop where you will learn and try a sequence of self release / activation techniques. You will be amazed at the instant improvements you will feel in your body and how easy movement becomes. A great tool to use with your clients.

120mins. 35 euro

hip hip hooray

Hip Hip Hooray

The hip and its common problems can be a right pain in the butt (literally!). Let me help you get to the bottom of it from a functional anatomy and movement perspective. Learn quick assessment techniques and corrective strategies to help you help your clients.

120mins. 35 euro

The Core of Movement

Concentrating on the Deep Front Line we will theoretically and practically analyse the core from head to toe. Breathing mechanics, FPP movement assessment and cool core optimisation tricks will be taught.

120mins. 35 euro

Back Line Booster

Checking in with a couple of references we’ll discuss posterior subsystem biomechanics, and learn some FPP assessment nuggets and optimisation strategies using ‘activation’ and Clinical Pilates.

120mins. 35 euro

Lateral Laziness

Head-to-toe examination of Lateral Line including biomechanical tests, analysis and critical thinking. Learn Pilates-based strategies for specifically optimising the Lateral Lazies and see functional movement improve immediately.


120mins. 35 euro

Foot Tripod Calling ‘Core’

The functional foot is essential for healthy tridimensional movement and optimal biomechanics. Learn how to assess the foot tripod and use fascial release tricks to optimise specific core function from the foot.

Self assessment and case study.

120mins. 35 euro

Shouting Shoulders

Cervical and shoulder issues are notoriously tricky to correct quickly and efficiently.

Understanding upper body fascial connections, biomechanics and GRIP will demystify this area.

Learn FPP assessment and corrective exercise strategies.

120mins. 35 euro


Focusing on the Spiral Line as described by Thomas Myers, we’ll analyse spiral biomechanicas from head to toe. You’ll learn how imbalances here can adversely affect the feet, core and shoulder.

120mins. 35 euro

Foot Calling Core – the Sequel

Building upon the bases established in the first workshop we’ll follow the tripod connections further up the kinetic chain and discuss how the pelvis and core can be influenced. You will learn how to activate different core weakness from the foot tripod.

120mins. 35 euro

Neck Detectives

If the neck is your nemesis with your clients then this workshop is for you. Lose your fear of the neck, learn some easy assessment strategies that will reveal the likely sources of neck niggles. We’ll also cover easy core solutions and great tricks for improving those necks.

120mins. 35 euro

This month’s special offer!

3 seminars for €100 

Or purchase the entire 2020 entire pack of 11 seminars  and receive 7 hours of extra movement classes, for €300.

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