In this Fisioplus Pilates case study we look at how tattoos can act like scars on the body and contribute to preventing optimal movement. I love to see fantastic tattoos but remember that getting a tattoo is painful, and the brain cleverly (hopefully temporarily) sends signals to calm down the muscle activity. This doesn’t always just come back on.

Here, I share a case with you that I saw in clinic this week. In the before video, you can see that this guy is struggling to push off through the foot ie. his calf muscle is not working properly. To those of you with a keen eye will notice that this pattern of inhibition actually extends all the way up his leg knocking out hamstrings, glutes and spinal muscles. This is contributing to an on going Sciatica that is really miserable. On asking the client about the tattoo he mentioned that he actually got it just a few months before the onset of his sciatica. A coincidence? Maybe but on further testing I found that a little spot on the number 3 of his tattoo was scarred and actually inhibiting the whole chain. I treated this “scar” for a few minutes and boom…that back chain started to come on!! see second video that I’ll post in comments or next post. He needs to do some homework for a couple of weeks to continue his improvement and get this part of his dysfunction out of his body



After treatment:


If you have a tattoo that you think may be affecting a particular part of your body, get is assessed. NKT can help. The solution is very quick and easy.

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View ‘after’ post on Facebook

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